Stylish, practical and economical, the C62 IP Phone is an advanced IP phone. It is equipped with the latest Broadcom’s high-definition voice chipset, with high-quality handset and the speaker that provides clear and consistent voice quality in rich detail. It supports four SIP accounts, 1 IAX .
 6-Line Executive IP Phone
 HD Voice
 8 Dss keys with LED
 128*64 Graphic LCD Display
 3 way-conference
 Two interfaces 100Mbps
Need an affordable and convenient IP Telephone? With HD voice and its effective design, the Fanvil C58 is a mid-range phone that can be used as an integrated phone or a standalone. A business class SIP phone with an integrated dual Ethernet switch, G.722 codec support. It supports SRTP, Support BLF, 4 DSS keys.

 2-Line Entry level IP Phone
 HD Voice
 128×48 Graphic LCD Display
 3 way-conference
 Two interfaces 100Mbps


The F52 is 1-Line Entry level IP Phone, with 128x40 graphical LCD, 4 context-sensitive soft keys, dual network ports with integrated PoE and 3-way conference. It is a perfect choice for small-to-medium businesses looking for a high quality, feature rich IP phone with affordable cost.
 2-Line Entry level IP Phone
 Supports SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and correlative RFCs
 Display Resolution: 128x48 pixels
 HD voice
 Two interfaces 100Mbps
The C01 features the Broadcom professional IP chipset, support 3 SIP Lines. It supports SIP 2.0 and multiple road call waiting in line. It also supports voice gain setting, VAD, CNG and 4 DSS Keys. It also has a Multilanguage ability.
 3-Line Call Center IP Phone
 ACD Function
 Action URL/Active URI
 Two interfaces 100Mbps
 4 Dss keys
D900 is a pioneer for the next generation of smart video phones. Running on the Android OS 4.2 platform and built with the latest Freescale video chipset, the D900 video IP phone truly offers an intelligent OS, superior video quality and rich applications at an affordable price.
 6 SIP accounts
 The ability to simultaneously login to all server
 Possibility of registering a domain or implementation of SIP calls peer to peer
 HD voice
A digital network access System, its core part adopt the mature VOIP solution of Fanvil (broadcom chips) , Stable and reliable performance;Hands-free adopting digital full-duplex mode, loud and clear voice ; generous appearance , durable, simple installation, feel comfortable when you press the keys, low power consumption.
 Supporting SIP 2.0 and IMS platform of operators,
 duplex hands-free, providing voice quality for carrier-class 
 Supporting the password to open the door 、the RFID card to open the door、the remote to control the door
 Two interfaces 100Mbps
HT101 is a lightweight and comfortable single sided headset designed for the intensive call center and office environments. Slick and innovative, the HT101 delivers a crystal clear audio experience and has a noise-cancelling microphone and lightweight headband with a unique T-Bar design.
 Acoustic Shock Protection
 Noise- cancellation earphone
 ECM noise- cancellation microphone
 Frequency Responses 300hz-3400hz
 Low sound pressure- Less than 118db
C10 Expansion Module has designed to improve the power and flexibility of C62 and C66. It features a 30 DSS buttons with dual color LED-Green and Red. The C10 support functions, such as BLF, speed dialing, call pickup, Intercom, hold, transfer, voicemail, forward, DND etc.
 Compatible with C66 and C62
 30 DSS buttons with dual color LED-Green and Red
 Up to 29 programmable functions 
 Maximum number of extensions by phone:5
Connect your analog devices to your IP phone system. The Fanvil A2 gateway supports up to two SIP servers in SIP 2.0, correlative RFCs, IAX2 and T.38.
 Support 2 SIP lines
 3 way conference
 High performance of router mode
 2 FXS